The modern sports experience is not confined to the stadium anymore. 

With fans being engaged to the game through digital channels, clubs are having a new advertising medium that they can monetize. This measurable and targeted new advertising area attracts brands’ attention that is aimed to sports fans.

As Result Sports, we plan a full digital plan for our clubs that covers both local and international fields. By the efforts, we digitalize the club from top to bottom, raise the fan engagement and eventually increase income.

By our very own high technology digital marketing tools being used by the elite clubs around the world, we create epic bridges between our clubs and their fans. 


We are helping clubs to increase their fan-engagement by digital channels.

Digital Strategy

To begin with, we create a digital strategy that covers all marketing efforts of the club in digital channels. Following to that, we reimagine and capture new digital opportunities for the club and strengthen the performance of existing digital assets and capabilities. 

Total Reach

Total Reach is the total followers amount of a club in all digital channels and is the most important KPI when it comes to sponsorship deals. We increase the Total Reach of clubs by our digital marketing efforts not only domestically but also internationally. 

Fan Engagement

Total amount of followers is one thing and the interaction rate is another! We engage fans to the club as much as possible and create a fan base that lives with the club 7/24.

Content Marketing

Content is the rocket fuel of all digital marketing efforts. We are creating quality content both textual and visual that audience just cannot deny to like or share! Hereby, we turn every single fan/follower into a club-advocate who amplify the club on digital channels. 


Mobile Apps

User experience is the new king! We deliver and maintain mobile apps  with high quality, top notch availability and trusted security. We can create apps in any platform from iOS to Android, Windows Phone to BlackBerry.

Web Design

Web sites have fallen out of favor after the mobile revolution but are still one of the most important assets of clubs. As Result Sports, we create user/mobile-friendly, multilingual websites with a sportive aesthetic that appeals to fans globally.

Your fans are all digital. How digital are you?