Do you think performance is the only K.P.I. that determines an athlete’s transfer to a club?

Despite the fact that all sports clubs are result and success oriented, it takes more than the performance on the pitch to transfer to a major club. Personality, media approach, communication with fans, spoken languages, apparel are now among the most important K.P.I.s in today’s world.

By our global connections in conventional, digital and social media, we guide, operate and take care of the reputation of our athletes. How?

We are lifting up the reputation of our athletes through our content power and on the other hand we are guarding our athlete’s reputation against false and fabricated news, untrue rumors or tweets that include hate-speech.

We are executing these services in for different languages which are English, German, Chinese and Turkish.

Thanks to our in-house software tools, we periodically research the internet and social media channels to examine what has been written about our athletes.


  • Establishing a strong characteristic for the athlete.
  • Bettering athlete’s image on digital channels. 
  • Creating heroic news stories. 
  • Taking care of athlete’s press & media relationship.
  • Organizing press conferences.
  • Preparing press releases.
  • Media monitoring.
  • Making of video content of athlete.
  • Making of “how to” moves.
  • Distribution of content on all digital video channels.


We have strong press & media relationships both in domestic and international channels.

Our PR service covers:

  • Turkey
  • Germany
  • Republic of Ireland